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¡Conoce más sobre nosotros!

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"Transform the way that the world it feeds".
This phrase is our engine and it is the mission under which Simply Natural Harvest works. Nur international fruit and vegetable marketing company that manages all aspects of the process chain, from harvest to delivery and from which it is born Simply to Go.
Previously, through Simply Natural Harvest we addressed B2B businesses such as supermarket chains, restaurants, hotels and other types of companies. However, as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, we saw an opportunity to reach the final consumer directly, offering them fresh fruits and vegetables at home but with the ease that they can buy it online and maintaining the high standards of quality and freshness that we already characterize.
Simply to Go, takes shape as a solution to people who, being at home, want to receive their order safely and with products that come directly from the harvest to their table. And for us, beyond offering a service, it has been a very valuable opportunity to be able to communicate with each of you and bring you closer to the wonderful world of agriculture.
We are passionate about the field and everything it can offer us. Our motto, with which we started our blog, is what motivates us to work every day so that people can eat in a correct and healthy way. We believe in the importance and difference that organic food, free of chemicals and pesticides, can make and also that these actions are key to face climate change.
Our way of working and producing is conceived under a holistic model that integrates, not only the complete part of sowing, harvesting and delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables at home, but also the educational part and that people can remember and even learn about the value of agriculture.
As the world advances and becomes more technological, the new generations are unaware of the importance of the farmer in their day to day; who works the fields and who harvests with dedicationn a large part of the products that will end up on your tables. So for us, Simply to Go It has been nothing more than opportunities to bring people closer to the countryside and for them to learn more about this experience that involves all the senses: let them imagine the smell of fresh earth in the morning and the sweet smell of freshly harvested fruits; the texture and flavor of our products, the detail and care that we put into our crops and much more. The latter is an experience that you can live first-hand in our agrotourism farm, Simply Natural Tours, located in Penonomé.
Here you can learn more about our philosophy and way of working the land and products, learn where your food comes from and of course, taste our delicious and fresh fruits. This is a fun way to reconnect with nature, so don't hesitate to visit us.
At Simply Natural Harvest we grow and harvest local fruits such as melon, mango, banana, avocado and lemon and, through Simply to Go, we market them together with the fruits and vegetables of other local producers with whom we have partnered. Of course, always having in common the consistency and quality of its products so that the best always reaches your table.
Another thing for that We are proud and we want to tell you, it is that we are not only commercial "allies" with the producers but we also work hand in hand with them. Through a highly personalized relationship, we support and guide our partners with administration, finance and other issues where they need advice. These are the complementary service levels we provide, as your success is ours.
Regarding the selection, packaging and delivery of our products, we can tell you that we take care of the entire process from start to finish. In this way we make sure that what you receive at home is what you asked for and meets your expectations. We know that buy fruits and vegetables online It can be a “different” experience at first, as we are usually used to seeing, smelling and feeling the products we want to carry. That is why our commitment is to deliver your order as if you had selected it and, in case something arrives in bad condition (which is very unusual), our guarantee is to change it immediately, we will not ask questions. We want your experience to be perfect.
But if you are the type of person who "sees the bottom more than the shape", we want to tell you that we have our beautiful imperfect fruits… Those fruits and vegetables that at first glance don't look “pretty” but are still just as nutritious, fresh and delicious. As large-scale producers, every day we see hundreds of foods being discarded or rejected by supermarkets for not being aesthetically suitable and unfortunately it is perfectly functional food, so in an effort to counteract food waste, we have made it available for buy this type of fruits and vegetables online at our Web.
In Simply to Go We comply with all hygiene and safety measures so that your fruits and vegetables not only arrive fresh but also clean and sanitized. As we mentioned before, from Simply Natural Harvest we have a vertical integration of all the processes to take care of every detail and control all the steps of our production chain as well as the selection of our producers. This allows us to deliver quality products for export, leaving the name of our country high and present in the kitchens of thousands of people around the world. world.
Welcome to a new way of eating fruits and vegetables! In healthy coexistence with nature and gratitude towards agriculture that allows us to enjoy our food.